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That Malocca’s is a great restaurant is an undeniable fact. We have built a reputation of preparing the very best dishes, and we guard that reputation very jealously indeed. We always seek to exceed our customers’ expectations every single day, which is why the quality of our food is way above average. Constant improvement is the norm for us. Simply put, you would be hard put to find any other restaurant that is half as dedicated as we are to preparing the best meals. Customer satisfaction matters a great deal to us, and we do a commendable job at ensuring that our customers are happy with us.

We are also rather considerate when it comes to the pricing of our foods. We believe that you do not have to break the bank to eat a good meal. Although our prices are average, do not let that fool you into believing that the same goes for our foods. We endeavor to make our scrumptious dishes affordable to as many people as possible.

Additionally, you do not have to brave traffic and other travelling struggles in order to savor our mouthwatering dishes. You can order your food online and simply await your delivery. You could even use our app that makes ordering food from us an incredibly easy thing to do. We are known for fast delivery of food, and you can rest assured that we will deliver food to you in a matter of minutes. Nobody likes to wait for their food for hours on end, which is why we deliver food soonest possible.

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What Customers Say

"The best place in Enniscorthy for fast food. Staff are nice and pleasant.
The pizzas are highly recommended with a burger sauce dip."
Diarmuid on Google

"My favourite place to eat, pizza to die for."
Mag on Facebook

"Very nice food. Friendly staff and very welcoming. Great value for money too."
David on Google